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Build your subscription in 4 easy steps

Step 1:
Build your customized library by
mixing and matching single books and packages.


We offer pre-made packages with books that are commonly used together. Simultaneous usage is set for the entire package and is more cost effective than buying each book individually.

Single Books

Choose only the books you need to create a fully customized library. Simultaneous usage is set for each book individually.

Step 2:
Designate the maximum number of
simultaneous users for each book and package.

Enterprise-wide access

Share one account with all employees across your enterprise.

Designate simultaneous users

Although all employees have access to the library, simulatenous user rights determine how many employees may access each package or book at the same time.

For the best ROI, optimize your account by assigning a different number of simultaneous users for each package and book.

Higher Demand
For books that your enterprise uses more often, assign a higher number of floating simultaneous users.

Lower Demand
For books that your enterprise uses less often, assign a lower number of floating simultaneous users.

Step 3:
Choose how to access your library.

User login

Designed for individual or small accounts.

Each user will simply have to type in a username and password to access the site.


Designed for small to large businesses. Any employee who has access to the company intranet will be able to log in to without having to provide a password.

Users can log in from anywhere, whether they are in the London office, Houston work site, or even at home in New York, as long as they have access to their corporate intranet.

IP authentication

Designed for universities or organizations with static IP addresses. Simply provide us with a range of IP addresses, and anyone within that range will be able to access without a password.

Because access is location specific, students and employees will not be able to log in from off campus/network locations unless a special proxy setup is provided.

Step 4:
Check usage reports
and adjust content and users as needed.

Check usage reports to effectively manage your account and budget.

See if your staff is exceeding the usage limit, or barely reaching it, and adjust your account accordingly.

If there are specific statistics you would like to see, we can work with your team to try and make it happen.

Usage analytics by publisher

See which publishers are being accessed most and which your staff needs more access to.

Usage analytics by book

Track which specific books are being used most, as well as which ones your staff is exceeding usage on.