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We believe information should be organized intelligently.

We at strive to not only provide reference information, but to organize it in a holistic way that makes it easier to navigate, understand and apply.

Rather than keeping related information separated into silos, we believe all reference information should be in one central system, with intelligent tools to search, filter, and share information enterprise-wide.

We hope that enabling users to easily access critical information helps them to quickly and accurately do their research, then have the time to apply that knowledge to creating innovative solutions that help all of us to keep advancing.

This library is just the beginning. As we progress, we hope to provide an array of tools to make life even better.



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Pelin Atasoy

Pelin Atasoy, a classically trained architect, has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. After realizing the loss of time, labor and money in the industry, she started a technology company to create solutions.

After moving to the U.S. in 1986, Pelin began using and customizing CAD and developed systems and methods to bring efficiency to design and construction documents. By standardizing building components and automizing the project process, she was able to complete high-rise apartments using small teams in record time.

In 1995, Pelin founded Compu.tecture, Inc to develop MADCAD, a patented software that organizes and delivers cross-referenced industry information from one central location. She invented's online, view-only subscription system to ensure data is secure and up-to-date, as well as searchable and accessible via mobile devises. As an architect, she tested the system in construction industry first, and hopes to bring the same efficiency to other industries.

Pelin was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey where she earned her Master of Architecture at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts. She is an award-winning architect who has worked in Istanbul, London and the DC area. She is currently a registered architect in DC and member of AIA, ICC and NFPA.

Zafer Ilgar

Zafer Ilgar is the first investor in Published in Business Week, Wall Street Journal, books and more, Zafer has become a respected figure in European media.

Zafer was born in Turkey and later relocated to Berlin, where he earned an Industrial Engineering degree from the Berlin Technical University Metallurgy. After graduating, he founded a business school which rapidly grew to 1800 students.

In 1989, he founded the Berlin media agency TurkMedia, and in 1991, the media planning company TMM. TurkMedia grew to four TV channels, including TRT, all of which reached 45% more Turks than all German channels combined. Both companies were later bought by IPA Plus, owned by the world's largest entertainment group.

In 1995, Zafer invested in Carat Group, Europe's largest media buying and planning company, to create Carat Turkey, where he served as Chairman of the Board. He sold his shares in 1998, and it is now a part of the global digital media and marketing company Aegis Group.

In 1998, Zafer invested in the International media marketing company IP Arbo Germany, where he brought the company to break even and sold it back to the major shareholders.

More recently, Ilgar has applied his intuitive knack for business to successful real estate ventures in Istanbul and Bodrum surrounding areas.

Executive Team

Erdem Dedebas
Senior VP of Sales and Operations

Erdem Dedebas was trained as an environmental engineer and later went into business. He joined in 2006 and has been involved with operations in every department of the company. He now heads the Sales and Operations Department at

Erdem's understanding of engineers' technology and needs helps him to communicate effectively with both construction and technology professionals. His energetic style and focus on getting thing done in a timely manner have helped to grow the company.

Eda Atasoy
VP of Marketing

With several years of experience in project management, product management and design at both technology and design agencies, Eda heads our marketing and design initiatives.


Trained in advertising at Boston University with a background in web and tech, Eda specializes in bringing together functionality, marketing and graphic design. She helps to ensure our product is both functional and useable, while also providing the tools to reach out to potential and current customers.

Kerem Tuzemen
Director of IT

Kerem has over 25 years experience in the software/internet industry as an Enterprise Architect and hands-on Solutions Architect, delivering large scale projects, mission-critical applications and N-tier architectures to international construction companies and banks.

Kerem defines our IT strategy and technology road-map by focusing on the scalability, availability, security, maintainability and extensibility of projects. By applying new technology concepts, frameworks, product solutions, programming languages, and process optimization, he solves business problems and addresses overall ROI of the company.


Kerem previously earned a BS in Mathematics from Bogazici University in Istanbul.