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    Interior Graphic Standards, 2nd Edition
    Edition: 2010
    / user per year

Content Description

The definitive reference for interior architecture and design is now available online!
Interior Graphic Standards, Second Edition is the comprehensive resource for interior architects and designers. Thousands of detail drawings and carefully researched text by industry experts guides readers in the design of interior spaces that perform as well as delight.  This must-have graphic reference tool for interior architecture and design is now available online at as annual subscriptions. Users can quickly search all the content from the book, download digital files for 3,000 architectural details in CAD-compatible and PDF formats, or browse through the page-view of the content as you would your book, directly from your desktop or your mobile device.  
With material on computer technologies and design practices influencing contemporary interior architecture and design projects, Interior Graphic Standards, Second Edition makes it easy for designers to stay current with recent trends.  An annual subscription includes access to:  
•    Expanded coverage of residential design; interior material energy use and environmental impact; and historic preservation and adaptive reuse

•    Updated coverage of sustainable design, eco-friendly materials, interior design, and ADA Accessibility Guidelines

•    Recent developments in commercial design and construction; basic building construction types and their impact on interiors; and commercial and residential renovation for smaller projects

•    3,000 graphic standard details and drawings available in .dwg, .dgn, .dxf, and .pdf file formats ready to download and use when needed

An essential guide for today’s fast-paced and competitive building environment, Interior Graphic Standards, Second Edition is a critical reference tool for all professionals who are involved with building and designing beautiful, responsive, and enduring interior spaces.

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